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Vim Lunch

Vim Lunch, also known as Vim Restaurant, was located on the north side of Superior Avenue just west of its intersection with West 3rd Street, diagonally across Superior from Hotel Cleveland. The business opened in 1937, but an earlier restaurant or restaurants were located in the same building going back at least to the early 1920s. In 1941 Vim Lunch appeared in the Green Book, but in the following year it also landed on a less appealing list as one of four Cleveland nightspots that U.S. servicemen were forbidden to enter, a list that grew to eight a few months later. No reason was offered beyond the contention that it was “undesirable,” which was possibly a hostile reaction to the fact that African Americans patronized the business. Perhaps its inclusion on the Army’s shortlist of banned nightspots explains why Vim Lunch vanished from the Green Book soon after its selection for inclusion in the annual Black travel guide. The restaurant never appeared in the Call & Post except as the site of two knife attacks in 1944, a year that also saw a shooting on the sidewalk following an altercation in the cafe. The business remained open at least into the early 1950s.

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Vim Lunch was located in the second building west of the corner of W. 3rd on the north side of W. Superior, seen here in the 1950s from the Terminal Tower observation deck. | Charles Howard Bayless | Source: Cleveland Memory Project


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Green Book Details

Vim Lunch appears in the 1941 Green Book at 310 W. Superior Ave. in the category Taverns.

310 W. Superior Ave

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