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R. M. R. Ranch Club

The R. M. R. Ranch Club was a 125-acre farm outside Elyria, Ohio. Opened in 1956 by Mary L. DeRamus and two friends, the club included a stable with seventeen horses for riding, picnic grounds, a restaurant, a motel, club room, dining room, hayrides, horseshoe pitching, tennis, and croquet. The R. M. R. Ranch Club also had a nightclub on the grounds which featured prominent artists like Al Green and Marvin Gaye. To accommodate visitors from greater distances, the R. M. R. Ranch Club offered overnight guest rooms. In 1962, the club was renamed DeMD Ranch when DeRamus became the sole proprietor. The last of the acreage where the establishment stood was sold to the Lorain County Regional Airport in 1991.

The ranch offered horseback riding and other outdoor activities, as well as overnight lodging | Call & Post, July 20, 1957


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Route 2, Albrecht Rd, Elyria. Exact location unknown

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