Mrs. G. W. Turner Beauty Culturist

Mrs. G. W. Turner was a beauty culturist and prominent businesswoman in Akron whose business was located at 301 Scott Avenue. It is not clear if 301 Scott Avenue was a rooming house or a single dwelling, but others are listed as living at the address in the early 1920s. She was briefly mentioned as being significant to the local culture of Akron as a female entrepreneur in Dr. Shirla McClain’s dissertation, “The Contributions of Blacks in Akron, 1825-1975.” However, her specific contributions were not elaborated upon. Turner does not appear after 1922 in local directories.

Mrs. Turner’s shop was located at 301 Scott Avenue, near the corner of Berg.


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Original location of 301 Scott Avenue. Mills Avenue became Scott Avenue between 1916 and 1940. Scott later erased as the University of Akron expanded.