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Mildred’s Beauty Lounge

Mildred Gossett opened Mildred’s Beauty Lounge in Glenville in 1946. Gossett’s two co-workers were Margaret Hayes and Marie Rails. Mildred’s included a reception room and private shampoo and facial rooms. Gossett operated on the upper floor at 899 E. 105th Street until 1949, when she moved to a larger building at 10420 Somerset Avenue on the corner of E. 105th just six blocks south of the original location. The latter location advertised that it provided television (still a relative novelty in 1949) for patrons’ enjoyment. It is not known when Mildred’s closed. Although it did not advertise in the Call & Post after the fall of 1949, it appeared in the Green Book through 1951. By late 1952, the first ad appeared for a different beauty shop at that location, the House of Charm.

Green Book Details

Mildred’s Beauty Lounge (owned by Mildred Gossett) appears in the Green Book from 1948 to 1951 at 899 E. 105th St. under the category Beauty Parlors. The commercial block in which the beauty shop operated on E. 105th is one of only seven Green Book–listed sites still standing in Cleveland today. The 1951 Green Book failed to note its move in 1949 to 10420 Somerset Ave.

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899 E 105th St, Cleveland, OH

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