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Max’s Bar and Turf Club/Lucky Bar

The Turf Club, originally located at 9908 Cedar Avenue, was first referenced in the Call & Post in August 1935, and it appears it had been open for a while at that point. Turf Club later moved to the 9812 Cedar location sometime in 1936 for unspecified reasons. It is unclear why or exactly when Turf Club closed, but it was likely due to manager Matt Sobol’s assault on a patron in January 1939. After this, a Turf Club opened in Columbus in 1944, though it is unclear whether these bars are related.

Lucky Bar, 1961 | Cleveland Public Library, Photograph Collection

Max’s Bar, located at 9812 Cedar Avenue, opened in spring 1939. Max’s Bar held events for many social clubs, such as the Lucky Bridge Club. Interestingly, Max’s was renamed Lucky Bar, and though there is no direct mention of whether the bar got its new name from the bridge club, it seems likely since the bridge club frequently had events at the bar. In 1941, Lucky Bar was advertised at this location for the first time, a few months after the Lucky Bridge Club held their bridge tournament at Max’s Bar. An article in the Call & Post from January 1942 refers to the Lucky Bar, saying it was formerly Max’s Bar and Turf Club. In 1945, Lucky Bar was fined for overcharging for liquor, and the article reporting the incident stated that the Lucky Bar was licensed as Turf Tavern, which indicates that Turf Club was related to Max’s Bar and Lucky Club. It is unclear if these name changes occurred because of changes in ownership, or simply a desire to rebrand. At some point, Lucky Club closed, then reopened on New Year’s Eve, 1950. It appears that the club closed permanently shortly after this.

Advertisement | Call & Post, Sept. 18, 1943


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9812 Cedar Ave

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