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Lu-Zell / Lucille’s Beauty Salon

Lu-Zell Beauty Salon operated inside the Majestic Hotel at East 55th Street and Central Avenue in the 1930s. Its name was a portmanteau of the first names of its owners, Lucille Jones and Marzella Martin. The beauty parlor remained in the hotel until 1939, when it moved to its own storefront diagonally across the intersection at 2304 East 55th. At that time it took the name Lucille’s Beauty Salon.

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See also Majestic Hotel.

Green Book Details

Lu-Zell Beauty Salon appears in the Green Book from 1938 to 1946 in the category Beauty Parlors. Its erroneous listing at 2211 E. 55th St. in these Green Book editions obscures each of its actual nearby locations.

2291 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH

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