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James Farm

James Farm was a 25-acre farm that was purchased in 1921 by Percy and Blanche James. Mrs. Blanche James was the gracious hostess of the property and guests enjoyed her company. The farm was located on Route 534 in Harpersville Township in Ashtabula County near Trumbull Township and about eight miles from Geneva-on-the-Lake. The property included a farmhouse that included several modern improvements. The lawn and grounds were very spacious, making the James Farm an ideal vacation spot for people of Ohio. Percy and Blanche James did not have any children but did include childcare and activities for them at the farm. When families wanted to come for a vacation retreat, they were able to take their kids with them and know they would be well taken care of too.

The farm also hosted a variety of picnics sponsored by local social groups, including the Stewardess Board No. 5 of the St. John A.M.E. Church. The James Farm was praised for its modern aspects with great food for a low cost. Things that guests could have enjoyed included walking through the woods and recreational activities such as baseball, croquet, and badminton. James Farm was a spacious retreat with plenty of summer activities to satisfy even the pickiest of family members.


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Rt 534, Harpersville Twp, OH (Location is approximate)

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