Jacobs the Tailor

Jacobs the Tailor was located at 629 South Main Street, in Akron, Ohio. It was owned by Sigmund Jacobs, a Jewish man born in Poland in 1884. He and his wife came to the United States in 1912, settling in Cleveland first, then moving to Akron where he worked in several leading clothing houses. In 1924, he opened Jacobs the Tailor and was at the same location until his retirement in 1964. The shop specialized in tailor-made clothing and suits, with everything made to order in-house. The shop also made B.F. Goodrich Company uniforms since 1927.  Jacobs posted advertisements in both the Akron Negro Directory and the Ohio Informer, a local Black newspaper.  

Jacobs the Tailor Advertisement | Akron Negro Directory, 1940


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