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Hawkins Garage & Service Station

Melvin Hawkins was the proprietor of Hawkins Garage & Service Station at 679 Easter Avenue. Hawkins provided a wide range of auto services, including painting, oil changes, and standard repairs. In addition to his automotive service business, Hawkins and his wife, Mrs. Louise Hawkins, founded Hawkins Realty.

Hawkins and Mrs. Hawkins were incredibly civic minded. Hawkins helped form the Akron chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers and served as the chapter’s first vice president. Hawkins and Mrs. Hawkins were also involved in the Akron chapter of the National Association for Advancement of Colored People and served as officers in the E. F. D. Club. Mrs. Hawkins was especially active in the Akron and Cleveland communities. She was a member of the T. M. T. M Club, Harmony 12 Club, served as president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Society, and sang in Cleveland’s Mt. Zion Congregational Choir. In 1946, she was elected to be a trustee for the Akron Community Service Center. Mrs. Hawkins was involved in the Akron chapter of the Future Outlook League, as well.


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679 Easter Ave, Akron, OH

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