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Green Turtle Hotel

The Green Turtle Hotel is located at the corner of Federal and N. Howard Streets.  While information regarding this site is somewhat limited, it appears that this hotel was a popular destination.  For instance, in 1938 with the rise of automobiles, auto tags were being given out in the lobby of the hotel.  An African American registrar, William Kent assisted by Hattie Peavy and Leonard Forman were giving out the tags.  A 1938 article describes a massive luncheon featuring many prominent local political figures.  Advocacy for the African American community was a discussion point of this meeting.  Mrs. Oda Forman (presumably Leonard Forman’s wife) sold the hotel on April 9, 1957, to Anthony Divoky for $50,000.  Mrs. Forman died days later on April 17th.  The fate of this site is unclear after its sale.  This hotel was certainly an active location that hosted powerful local political figures and was at the forefront of advocacy for African American rights. 

Green Book Details

Green Turtle Hotel appears in the Green Book from 1939 to 1967 at Federal & Howard Sts. in Akron under the category Hotels.

Location of The Green Turtle Hotel (circled in red) | Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Akron, 
1930-1940 : Vol. 1, 1940
Leonard Foreman, Owner of The Green Turtle Hotel | Stewart Collection, the University of Akron Archives, 1942


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The hotel sat at the corner Federal & North Howard St, Akron, OH | This location has since been destroyed, likely by the Akron Innerbelt and the given location is approximate.

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