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Globe Theater appears in the 1938 Green Book at E. 55th & Woodland under the category Theaters.

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Globe Theater, 1923 | Cleveland Memory Project, CSU Special Collections
5217 Woodland Ave, Cleveland, OH

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One thought on “Globe Theater

  1. The Globe Theatre appeared to be used as a meeting place for the Future Outlook League of Cleveland. This league was active in Cleveland during the 1930s through the 1940s, it was the organizer of the “Don’t Buy Where You Can’t Work, economic boycott and Job campaign.

    I happened to be doing a spatial history project on the boycott movement and one of the things I am looking at is the proximity of black institutions or meeting places, to the stores being boycotted or picketed, to reveal the complexity of northern urban black neighborhoods during this time period. The league was boycotting businesses at the same 55th street and woodland intersection.
    Source for the Globe

    Future outlook league: F. O. L. MEETING WEDNESDAY NIGHT. 1936/01/16/. Cleveland Call and Post (1934-1962), 1936 Jan 16, 1936/01/16/. (accessed May 20, 2024).

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