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F. Murphy’s

F. Murphy’s was a tourist home listed at 172 Bluff Street in Akron. However, local sources do not contain any direct mention of this fact. The only clues available are a 1924 classified ad for “3 rooms; all conveniences; rent $18 per month” for “colored people” and a brief mention of a 14-year-old James Murphy living there in 1935. Most mentions of the address referred to it as the home of the George and Ida Haynes family, who were African American and lived there at least between 1938 and 1948. It is possible that the Haynes were renters and that the Murphy family kept one or more rooms to rent to visiting Black travelers during the time the Haynes family lived there.

No further information is known.

Green Book Details

F. Murphy’s appears in the Green Book in 1940 at 172 Bluff St. in Akron under the category Tourist Homes.


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172 Bluff St, Akron, OH

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