Coble & Bauer

Coble & Bauer was a drugstore owned by Leo V. Coble, Charles R. Bauer, and Lloyd A. Semonin, and it was located at 225 North Howard Street. These three businessmen were white, but they were friendly to black business. Hence, the business appeared in the Akron Negro Directory. They started their business in 1925 and it became a tradeable company in 1932. The drugstore was one of the first Akron businesses to sell alcohol after Prohibition ended. Like other Akron businesses, Coble & Bauer sponsored a team in the North Hill Temple Bowling League and in the Sacred Hearts Baseball League. Also, similar to many other American drugstores, Coble & Bauer was a member of the National Guild of Hy-Pure Druggists. Charles R. Bauer even got elected as the vice president of the Akron section in 1931. Coble split away to form Coble Drug in 1941, further north at 619 N. Howard Street, where he stayed in business until 1966. Bauer remained at the original location until 1967.

Advertisement from the Akron Negro Directory, 1927 | Opie Evans Collection, University of Akron Archives.


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