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Camp Robin Hood

Camp Robin Hood was a camp near Burton in Geauga County that opened in 1937 to serve the children of unionized workers regardless of race or creed. At some point it moved to a site along the Grand River near Geneva but appears to have have closed before 1950.

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On the Grand River near Geneva, OH. Location is approximate.

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One thought on “Camp Robin Hood

  1. I was at Camp Robinhood located on the Grand River in Ohio in 1945 when the first Atom bomb was dropped. It was definitely planed for the children of Union workers. My mother talked them into taking me for a week even though she was an artist. The following summer I went for two weeks and learned to swim. That was in a deep part of the river. Most of it was very shallow and slippery.

    I loved it. We slept in canvas tents placed on a wooden platform with one counselor in attendance. Not far from it was a small grove of evergreens. I frequently went inside it just to be surrounded by it and to enjoy its odor. At night I enjoyed looking at the stars with a friend. We could not decide if stars were different colors. It was difficult to tell.

    At our meals the counselor at the end of the table taught us to sing rounds while there. Those rounds were very beautiful. I still love them and feel it was one of the best things at the camp and I remain thankful to him.

    At the time I was 11 and now I am almost 90 but in perfect health. I still value my stay at Camp Robin Hood and sometimes play the rounds on my soprano recorder.

    Moisha Kubinyi Blechman

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