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Cafe Society

Cafe Society opened in 1945 at 966 E. 105th Street. Along with Cedar Gardens in the Cedar-Central neighborhood and the Musical Bar in Akron, it was owned by Joe Gould in its early years. Advertising itself as “Glenville’s swankiest,” Cafe Society featured a circular bar. Presumably taking its name from New York’s Cafe Society, which operated from 1938 to 1948, the Glenville club was a mainstay for jazz music into the 1980s. The building is one of a rare few Cleveland Green Book sites that still stands today, housing the Khnemu Foundation Lighthouse Outreach Center.

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Green Book Details

Cafe Society appears in the Green Book from 1947 to 1955 at 966 E. 105th St. under the category Taverns.

Cafe Society ad | Call & Post, March 20, 1948


  • “Joe Gould Denies Financial Tie in Roxy Bar.” Call and Post. June 1, 1946.
966 E. 105th St

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  1. My mother and Father both worked at the cafe society back in the early fifties My mother was a barmaid and my father was the Porter and we lived at the 1st house on the corner of a 105th street right behind the cafe society on Kempton Avenue

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