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A Good Place to Eat Cafe

A Good Place to Eat Cafe was located at the corner of Beech Street and N. Howard Street in Akron. The original building was demolished, likely as a result of the construction of the Innerbelt. This site sits on the northern tip of the area impacted by the Innerbelt construction project. What was known as the Ritz, now called the Innerbelt Nite Club, sits immediately north of the site where A Good Place to Eat Cafe sat. The cafe barely escaped destruction. However, at the time of destruction, this was likely no longer the site of the cafe. A listing in 1945 shows this location for sale (tables, booths, bar, and all). When in operation, the cafe was owned and operated by Lawrence Wrobel, or Shirley Bell. It is unclear who was the owner of the cafe at the time of the sale in 1945, but they were selling due to illness. Shirley was involved in illegal gambling activities that took place in the cafe. The cafe was also subjected to illegal drinking activity during Prohibition, and robberies. It appears that this was a typical cafe for the period. Though not a known site of activism or major events, A Good Place to Eat Cafe offers a snapshot of the normal operation of a business for the period.

Location of A Good Place to Eat Cafe (circled in red) | Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Akron, 1930-1940 : Vol. 1, 1940
Area affected by the construction of the Innerbelt, Circa 1960’s Buildings (approximate location of A Good Place to Eat Cafe circled in red) | The Innerbelt Initiative, 2020


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68 N Howard St, Akron, OH

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