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Play-Bar and French Casino

Play-Bar and French Casino, owned by Herman Winnick, was a short-lived music club and cabaret-style event space at 10602 Euclid Avenue in 1953. Before it opened, a preceding music venue called Calvert’s Musical Bar operated there in 1951. The business, like Ted Miclau’s Towne Casino across the street, welcomed an interracial patronage. Both became targets for those who seemed bent on preventing African Americans from attending. Play-Bar was raided twice by liquor agents in a short time for allegedly featuring a “lewd and indecent” floor show, part of a pattern the Call and Post noted of “unusual things” happening to clubs serving both races in the Euclid–East 105th area. Like Towne Casino, Play-Bar suffered a bombing attack that seems to have resulted in its closing.

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Advertisement | Call & Post, May 2, 1953


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10602 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH