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Davis Drug Store

Davis Drug was one of the oldest and maybe most well-known drugstores in Akron. It likely opened in 1856, but it was not officially listed as a business until 1876. It was located at 11 North Howard St., near where it once intersected Market St. Originally called City Drug, this store was a pioneer for drugstores in Akron. It was not only one of the first in the area, but it was a leader in selling new products like soaps, lotions, toys, varnishes, and more. Eventually, the store’s name changed to represent the name of one of its founders, W. P. Davis. The other founder was Will H. Bolander. After Davis passed away, the name of the store was renamed to Blocker Drug for a few years due to the new partner, H. C. Blocker, took over. Then, Blocker’s daughter, Ethel, married a man named Ernest Davis, and the two of them ran the store. Because of Ernest Davis, in 1907 the store was renamed back to Davis Drug. The store closed for good in 1965. It was white owned, but open for African Americans and listed in the 1922 edition of the Akron Negro Directory.

Davis Drug is noted here on the map at 11 N. Howard Street. Sanborn Map of Akron, 1940 | Library of Congress


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11 N Howard St, Akron, OH (location is approximate)